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Maag Audio EQ4 Plugin
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The Maag Audio EQ4® is available as a plugin from Plugin Alliance and Universal Audio (UAD-2).


Following its EQ3 and EQ3-D predecessors, the EQ4® provides unparalleled transparency and top end presence while maintaining the true natural sound behind the mix. EQ adjustments are obtained with minimal phase shift and detent controls allow for easy recallable settings.

 Maag Audio EQ4 User Guide

 Maag Audio EQ4 Recall Sheet

UAD Maag EQ4 Plug-In Trailer

Plugin Alliance - Introducing the Maag Audio EQ4 Plugin

Introducing the Maag Audio EQ4 plugin - learn about the AIR BAND®, the story behind the plugin and enjoy the audio examples.

Pro Tools Expert - Show & Tell Review Of UAD Maag EQ4

Audio Examples