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The Maag Audio EQ2® is available as a plugin from Plugin Alliance.

The Mäag EQ4® is one of Plugin Alliance’s most popular plugins. International pros rely on its tremendous musicality to enhance their tracks. Now Mäag has released its TEC Award nominated EQ2® in a plugin version, bringing that AIR BAND® magic to a lower price point and creating the perfect compliment to the EQ4.

The EQ2 has the legendary Air Band like the EQ4, but offers a 15khz band not found on the EQ4. The EQ2’s 11 LMF bell selections on its LMF band: 6 wide and 5 tight, broaden its frequency selections compared to the EQ4, which has only wide bell selections. This allows the EQ2 to zoom in on problem areas in a manner the EQ4 can’t. The EQ2 also features an Input Attenuator not found on the EQ4 to help normalize the signal before applying EQ. Above all, the EQ2 will naturally find its way on to your mix bus, and stay there indefinitely.

 Maag Audio EQ2 User Guide

Maag EQ2 & EQ4 -- The Musical EQ Duo by Mo Volans

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